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Hi. I'm Dave, I'm 6 feet tall and I like to think of myself as the head of this family. But in reality, when I rank my importance in the house I am slightly above the fish and right below the drop freezer. But I keep telling myself I am important. Anyway, welcome to our site. I had a blog since 2002 with pictures and had a lot of fun with it. But I was using a free version of the blog software and it didn't have any kind of spam blockers and the evil spam gnomes ended up shutting my site down. I lost almost 300 wonderful award winning posts that are read throughout the world. I was devastated.

So I picked up the pieces and started again. The objective of this site is to provide some pictures to our dispersed family and friends and spout off about anything that I feel like spouting off about. Considering my readers number in the single digits, I could probably cover everyone with 30 minutes worth of phone calls. But then I couldn't say I have a blog when trying to keep up with techie geeks I work with. So I trudge on.

You can read more about me and the rest of my clan in the About Us section. It's not too exciting. All you really need to know is I am charming, handsome and witty, funny and athletic and I always smell nice. Patti, my wife, is a wonderful mother to three little people who refuse to leave our house, smarter than I could ever hope to be, a creative and enjoyable cook and one of the nicest people I know. Our three children, the aforementioned little people who refuse to leave our house, are…well…how can I say this…I need to be sensitive, they are little after all…hmm…struggling with the right words…don't want to appear mean…they are…our children and we love them very much.

Sometimes I feel like writing on this site is like a tree falling in the woods – I hope it doesn't kill unsuspecting campers. But I am going to do it because it chronicles my life. I will continue to post pictures, write nonsense and maybe play around with Flash and some other interesting tools. Have fun and thanks for visiting. God Bless.